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More Than 1000% ROI With Email Marketing

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Even though there are many marketing channels available, I strongly believe that Email marketing is still very powerful if used in the right way. Also, it’s the only channel which gives you amazing ROI compared to other marketing methods. 

Especially if you are a B2B company, then it can create wonders for your business. Also it does work for B2C companies as well. 

I have listed below the steps you should follow to get more than 1000% ROI with email marketing. 

  1. Goal: What are you trying to achieve with email marketing. Do you want to engage with your existing customers to retain them or you want to convert your subscribers into customers or you want to create awareness about your new products/services. The design of your content will be purely based on your goal. 
  2. Email List: This is the most important and also the difficult task in email marketing. I will write a separate post on how to develop and grow your email list. The people in the list are the ones who are interested to know more about your product/service or buy in future. Your aim should be to grow your email list consistently. 
  3. Content: It all starts with the subject line and it is very crucial for your email to be opened by the audience. After your email is opened, the next important thing is the message, keep it super simple and to the point. Always follow AIDA which means Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. I will discuss in detail about AIDA in another post. 
  4. Software: Always go with the reliable email service provider as it plays a critical role in delivering your emails to the inbox of your audience. Even if you offer an amazing product/service in the world, it doesn’t matter if the email is not delivered to the inbox. 
  5. Landing Page: After the email is opened and your message is read; your audience would want to know more information about your product/service. This is where you have to redirect them preferably to a landing page where you can capture the lead. Always use the AIDA formula to convert your landing page visitors into leads. 
  6. Follow up and Close: Capturing leads is only the beginning in the sales process. Aim to contact the leads within 1-2 hours to set up an appointment to meet or provide more details over the phone if your business doesn’t require a meeting. Measure your conversion ratio of customers to evaluate the efficiency of your sales process.