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Can you remove negative reviews on Google?

Blog > Local SEO > Can you remove negative reviews on Google?

It is quite common even for popular brands to have negative reviews. Most of the business owners I met, asked me, if the negative reviews can be removed from their profiles. 

For example, if your business gets a negative review, you can flag it to be removed from your profile. But, honestly, the negative reviews won’t be removed by Google. 

Hence, the most important thing is to handle the negative reviews in the right way rather than removing them altogether. It’s not about the number of reviews you are getting, what matters to the potential customer looking at your profile is how you are handling the reviews.

1.       Always respond to your customer reviews, whether they are positive or negative

2.       If it’s a negative review, address the issue and try to resolve it

3.       Always thank for the positive reviews

4.       This will not only build customer trust but also improves the position of your listing on search results

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