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How to generate better ROI with Social Media?

Blog > Social Media Marketing > How to generate better ROI with Social Media?

Do you know that people spend 2-3 hours every day on Social Media? This is an amazing opportunity for business owners to generate new business and retain your existing customers. 

If it comes to social media, you will have to invest both time and money to get a better Return on your Investment. 

I have divided the common social media goals into two parts. 

Retaining Existing Customers: It’s much easier to retain your existing customer than finding new customers. 

  1. Request all your existing customer to follow you on Social Media
  2. Post engaging content regularly 
  3. Showcase your new products/services
  4. Run Promotion and Discounts 

Attracting New Customers: This is a bit time consuming if you want to get customers organically but with a little investment, you can get better ROI. 

  1. Run special promotions and discounts on Social Media
  2. Give attractive offers for new customers coming through social media
  3. Create viral offers which people would love to share with their network
  4. Spend on ads effectively to get better reach and exposure

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