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Does your Business Needs Online Marketing in Dubai?

I will start with the most common belief among business owners. We believe that word of mouth is the best marketing method and I do completely agree with this. But is it still relevant in the online revolution?

Below I have listed 4 reasons as to why online marketing is needed for your business in Dubai or UAE.

Word of mouth: As I mentioned in the beginning I am a firm believer in the word of mouth marketing. The only difference is now word of mouth has moved to online.

Let me give you a example. I have a friend who regularly posts updates and promotions about their business on LinkedIn and Facebook. When any of my contacts or friends asks me about my friend’s products or service offerings, guess what’s the first thing that strikes me? Yes, you are right, those posts from my friend. That’s how online word of mouth marketing works.

Now, the big question is, how are you are going to create online awareness about your product or service? The only way is by increasing your business’ online visibility. There are many ways you can increase the online visibility and I will discuss about it in detail in my future articles.

Expat Community: The majority of people live in Dubai or UAE are expats. Every year thousands of people start their new lives here. Where do you think those new residents search for your products or services? Obviously, on the web, Right? Yes, so your business needs to show up when they search for your product/service.

Active Internet Users: Do you know that UAE has around 9.1 million active internet users? The numbers will keep increasing in the future. Also, you should know that 7 out of 10 people search online for your products/services.

Your Competitors: Almost every other business is making using of online platforms to increase their business’ online visibility and generating new customers through online channels. If you do not take action now, you are losing out your potential customers to your competitors.

Online marketing is huge yet simple if done in the right way. Stay connected to our blog to learn more about online marketing in Dubai and UAE.

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