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How to do Email Marketing in Dubai?

The success of email marketing depends mainly on the data (of the audience) and email content. I am writing this post to explain how email marketing works. The following are the simple steps you should follow. 

Audience (data): You can start with your existing customer base. As they already know your company, they won’t be surprised to see your emails. Then you have to focus more on increasing your email database. 

One of the best ways you can build your database is by giving away something valuable to them in exchange for their email and permission to send periodic emails. 

Free Giveaways: Be it a sample of your product, free report, free content; It should be something valuable to your customers. When you have made up your mind on what you want to give away, spread the word. Create a nice landing page where they can enter their details to get your free give away. 

Spread the word: Now spread the word about your free offering. Start with your contacts in WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn and send it to all your contacts. What you are offering should be something very interesting so that they can forward it to their contacts. This way people will give their email and permission in exchange to your freebie (if they find what you are offering as something valuable to them) 

Email marketing vendor: There are many online tools like mailchimp or sendinblue which you can use to run your campaigns. Once you have a decent email list, start creating an account with one of the vendors. There are both free and paid options available. 

Content: The next step is to create a simple yet effective email which can be sent to your audience. The content plays a very important role and the purpose of email marketing is to create interest in your offering not to spam or sell in the first instance itself. 

Pay attention to the subject line and the content in the email. Keep it simple and to the point. Offer some valuable content so that you can expect them to open your next email also. 

Frequency: This is very important when you are running email campaigns for long term. Don’t overload your audiences’ inbox with your emails. Keep it to 1-2 emails a week and send consistently for the best result. 

The audience may not buy from you with your first email itself but when they consistently see emails from you with valuable content for them, the trust in your company will be built leading to the SALE. 

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